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This game is absolute bananas and maggot eating good

What's the difference between the 666 Twitter Deluxe version and the regular version? Also, how do I exit the game??

no idea but it looks like it's a bit older. Bananaboy exits you.

Hotline Miami 3


OK... NOW a DLC with a Trump mod... pleeeeeease



Morbidly addictive!!! we love it!

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Lovely game by the way. One needed feature would be an exit button. Just press esc to pause/exit the game would be nice. Online high schore list would be nice too. Well, I guess all that will be in the android version. This game is really well suited for touchscreen displays, so it should be really popular. Good luck!

And uhh.. My gameplay video below. Thanks for the game.

thanks! yeah for sure. we made the build for an arcade cabinet so no pause menu was needed.

We'll def try to get a global high score list. That'd be really fun.

Any news on the android version? I would love to have this on my commute.

we got the global high score working! but last weekend we made another game jam game that we thought was really fun so we've been working on that XD (hard to stay focused) but ye it's all pretty much done. we'll try n get it all ready asap.

it's on android now! :)


This was really good. It was like the cannon kittens game taht I used to play way back in high school in computer lab, but with some actual gameplay mixed in other than "shoot and wait".

It was really fun! I was pleasantly surprised, good work.

(Normally I make Lumps Plays for comments, but didn't think this would fit Lumps Plays very well—but I wanted to let you know it's quite good!)


We're gonna put some more work into it and try to release it on android for free :)