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Just for anyone looking to 100% this, the Spotlight is not available in v1 of the game. it was added later.


Reviewed the game a while back for the channel - wanted to share the love here:

aaaand with it happening again on my 3rd attempt the next day, I come to the conclusion that it's inevitable. Sad.

...and again...

You dick...

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I wanted to play this for a while and had no idea this is in the bundle. Absolutely fantastic exploration game in a truly postapocalyptic setting. By travelling through a black hole, you revisit earth 30.000 years or more after you left, long after humanity has tried to find a new life underground and eventually failed and died out. You are exploring those remains, nature that took back earth, and hostile dangers, while steadily increasing the capabilities of your little ship. Its a great setting, beautiful environments and very cool boss fights. Its not really a metroidvania as its more of a contemplative journey outside of its boss highlights, but due to its relatively tight structure and atmosphere its truly special from start to finish. 5/5

More Racial Justice Bundle impressions:


Thanks for all you great work on all the bundle impressions, Toma. However, for the last 60 days you have been posting your URL with the 'p' missing from 'https'. It should be:

Ah, god darn it, thanks for the heads up!

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Well, that was a lot of link correcting that I could have avoided. Fixed them now, thanks again! :)
Check your copy paste links before posting, people.

Glad I could help. Sorry I didn't spot it earlier as I have been seeing your posts quite a lot over the last week without noticing the typo.

I have to say that it was oddly relaxing to keep refreshing your profile to watch your progress!  Hmm. Perhaps if I want a relaxing experience then perhaps I should do a bit of exploration in "The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human". I shall load it up now. (That got us back onto topic)


Haha, good choice, good choice.
(if you can deal with the occasional boss fight difficulty spikes ;) )
Stillness of the Wind would be a good choice for something relaxing too.

I would have loved to have finished this, but similarly to it seems everyone else here, I hit a memory issue partway through. I'd recommend anyone wanting to play this buy the console version elsewhere or wait for a fix to be released. Fun game and lovely atmosphere until then, though.

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I was enjoying this up until the Chain Gang boss fight. Whenever the big shark hits the mines (which seems to be how you win) the game crashes to a "code error" and has to be hard closed. This happens about 80% of the time. 

It was a good game until then, but this boss fight is broken on a technical level, so I had to give up. I can't recommend anyone plays this in its current state.


you don't have to fight them


For Linux users out there, ./ now has support for The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human.

can't play the game, after my torpedo hits the first set of rocks blocking my way running away from the defiler crab, it just crashes, memory error or something. it was good while it lasted, but I am unable to play the game like this.

sorry to hear that. I can't find a newer DRM free version to upload unfortunately. :( I actually can't even find any of the game graphics/soundfx that I made for it either - like I've lost the entire folder.


 cannot run the game from the linux version.

At best effort I extrat the rar file, then link right 32 bits libraries then the game try to run with Steam. But I do not have it on Steam. So that fails badly.

Does any one run it on Linux?


It seems to work fine here (Debian Bullseye/Sid), using ./ to install it and apply required workarounds.

sadly mac users cannot play this game anymore as it is not compatible with mac OS systems now. Needs to be updated.

As a Mojave user who can still run 32-bit software, I have to agree—nothing I’ve tried will get this to run natively on my system. I can get as far as the intro using Wine, but once it fades to black it stays black.

After using The Unarchiver to unzip the rar file on my Mac, when I click on the game app icon I get the message 'The application "TheAquaticAdventureOfTheLastHuman" can't be opened.'

hmm not sure how macs work exactly but maybe you have to pull the whole folder into your app folder? to "install" it? It could also have to do with what OS you're using since it's a 4 year old game. /J

Ah, it may be that it's an older game you're right - I think there is an issue for 32 vs 64 bit games being supported on a Mac. At least that's one possibility. 

yeah that could definitely be it. I remember us having some trouble with the mac build back then. Had a friend help us.

I got this game in the bundle and was pretty excited about it but after I unzipped the file and selected the windows version it refused to open, saying my computer cannot run .rar files. Does anyone know how to fix this?

I'm still having problems opening it myself on a Mac, but you need a way to unzip the .rar file. On Windows you need something like 7-Zip. On my Mac I'm using The Unarchiver.


Thank you for your help! I downloaded 7-zip earlier and it allowed me to play! 

Oh, awesome - enjoy!

hey, have you found out how to play this on mac?

Nah, I ended up giving up

You just have to unzip the rar file like Kohi said and then play the exe file :)


I got the game to work earlier and I'm really loving the game so far. It's so atmospheric, pretty and mysterious, but also a little depressing at times. I really like the lore snippets, they help me stay engaged because I want to know more about the world this story takes place in! The bosses are quite hard but that's probably because I'm not very good at games haha.


I loved this game for it's atmosphere and pixel art. I loved the story and the shadow of the colossus and metroid type game play it offered. It's just a great game man, and I wished I had found it earlier.

Thanks! ^^