Official Trailer | Full Release in Spring

Hey! We are getting close to a full release of Sea Salt! This is the new official trailer we made:

It's been a while since the last post, but during that time we've been working really hard to make Sea Salt into the best reverse action strategy game out there (not that there are many, but still). We taken a lot of suggestions from people playing the demo as well as adding a ton more levels and minion types. We've improved the controls a lot since the demo, improved enemy and minion AI and made it all a bit prettier. It's pretty much a whole new game. Our goal is, as always, to make a really fun and atmospheric experience and we hope this trailer shows the potential of Sea Salt - the release will be in the spring of 2019

All the best! 

Josef and Christopher , your pixelated indie duo from Gothenburg, Sweden.


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I can't fricken wait for this game's release!!!